Exhibit Design, Retail Design, Experiential Marketing The convention hall disappears as one passes through the broken sewer tube into the stylized dank sewer lair from Nick's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand. The sound of water dripping echoes through the space while sirens and footsteps reverberate from the street level. Layers of sewer grating creates the street level and Manhattan looms overhead mapped onto giant prints. A multitude of interactive areas such as sewer tubes, periscopes, pinball machines and surveilance monitors reveal trailers and sneak-peak footage of the new TMNT. Visitors exit through a sewer tube with display portals flowing into the Nick Shop.


Retail Design, Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, POP Displays, Fabrication This booth system of free standing wall displays and pedestals was designed for continuous travel in a variety of configurations. The modular panel can be inserted with combinations of maple merchandise displays and graphic panels with built-in LED lighting. Water-droplet-shaped pedestals perform multiple functions such as light up display surfaces, locking storage and product giveaway bins. In addition to their traveling exhibit booth, NON also built out Vapur showrooms in Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas and Seattle.


Interactive Design, Art Installation, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation

This modular wall system reflects the activity of visitors with light and texture. With every sound produced by its audience, the WALL OF SOUND responds by opening its surface, allowing light to spill out across the textural surface. The system is expandable to any wall size and its sensitivity is adjustable to react to the volume level within its environment.



These bowls showcase the natural beauty of hardwood lumber. The process starts with a 2” thick rough cut slab that is milled to a smooth finish. A teardrop shaped depression is precisely machined into the surface using our computer-controlled mill and a natural oil finish is applied by hand.



PURCHASE FROM THE NON ONLINE SHOP This series takes birch plywood and literally turns it sideways. Each layer is cut out on our computer controlled cutting table and then stacked to create the finished design. No glue is used in the process and furthermore, the layers are hollow, which makes the piece unexpectedly lightweight and strong. The chairs stack 4 high and the table's legs hinge in for transportation. The pieces come in natural, black and white finish while custom colors and finishes are available upon request. DOWNLOAD TEAR SHEET

WB GAMES E3 2011

Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision 11,000 square foot exhibit space For E3 2011, NON designed and built an 11,000 square foot exhibition space for Warner Brothers Games. The objective of this design is to immerse the gamer into the environment of each game while maintaining a consistent branding system that unites the world of WB Games. For feature titles like Batman and Lord of the Rings, large scale graphics provide background to themed kiosks. Large cylinders hover over each of the kids games vividly bringing characters from the games to life. Visitors pass through a 100' long WB Games motif to enter the lounge and meeting spaces.


PURCHASE FROM THE NON ONLINE SHOP The BATH CADDY Collection includes colorful laser-cut acrylic pieces for the bathroom. The BEAUTY, TOOTH, SOAP, COTTON, SWAB, BOX CADDY and CADDY TRAY all feature a precise system of snaps that hold the fluorescent panels together using no adhesive. Ships Assembled. Colors are as shown. DOWNLOAD TEAR SHEET  

WB GAMES E3 2012

Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision 10,000 square foot exhibit space To feature the latest games from Warner Bros., this exhibit features multiple areas for brands such as Lego, Batman, Lord of the Rings and Nintendo Wii U. The space also housed eleven meeting rooms and a theater for game demos and trailers.