PURCHASE FROM THE NON ONLINE SHOP We got tired of perfectly flat tables so we made TOPO, a series of Corian tables with built in, reconfigurable landscapes. Molded plastic inserts drop into the table to create functional topographies that make a home for plants, paper-clips and oranges. DOWNLOAD TEAR SHEET

WB GAMES E3 2014

Exhibit Design, Graphic Design 15,000 square foot exhibit space Video projections on a revolutionary scale hover above two 80-person theaters that animate with light and activity from within. Branded gaming pods, presentation stages, lounges and meeting spaces are woven through the 15,000 square foot space.


PURCHASE FROM THE NON ONLINE SHOP FLIP light, a tactile luminaire that changes color when it rotates. Playing with a FLIP light enables the user to find any color in the spectrum of light by simply rolling it, tossing it and spinning it, creating animations of light which are in direct response to the interactions taking place. Acrylic and Corian with 8-hour rechargable “LIFE” battery with plug-in charger. 6" Diameter.


Creative Office Design, Fabrication, Construction Management Under construction: NON designed digital agency Hoverstate's new LA headquarters along with custom workstations and furniture. An open floor plan with exposed brick, concrete floor, truss ceiling and HVAC ducts replaced the low drop ceiling and tiny cubicle offices. Custom light fixtures array outward from the new glass conference room which divides the space into offices, lounge, and open workstations.


PURCHASE FROM THE NON ONLINE SHOP The Majiang set is NON's version of the classic Chinese game. Made of layered white Corian and black walnut, all of the symbols have been simplified and engraved into the surface. The case is made from a solid piece of walnut with a precisely fitting Corian lid. DOWNLOAD TEAR SHEET


Design, Event Design, Fabrication, Installation

For the launch of the first issue of GOOD Magazine, NON was asked to transform the historical St. Vibiana's Cathedral into an atmosphere that would reflect the company's eco-friendly philosophy.

Our approach was to abstract the concept of "landscape" and creating functional elements that would provide lounging areas, lighting and intimate mingling spaces. The design included custom TOPO seating platforms, bars and a lit fabric "cloud" hovering above the seating areas.


PURCHASE FROM THE NON ONLINE SHOP To create collaborative and fluid workspace, NON designed the COMMON DESK, a large surface with a playful approach to organization and dividing workstations. Acrylic panels drop into a modular array slots in the tabletop creating movable bookends, folders and dividers that can be personalized. Taking it a step further, COMMON glows, keeping those who work late illuminated. A cable trough runs through the axis as a roomy home for cords, power supplies and hard drives. Made of laser cut aluminum, with laser cut acrylic panels. Common comes with 3 large panels and 12 small panels. Custom variations for dining tables, conference tables and outdoor tables also available upon request. DOWNLOAD TEAR SHEET/COLOR GUIDE


Interactive Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation Our team's challenge was to create a site-specific architectural scale installation that would engage the public and create a fun, social atmosphere for the community. Bubbles was not only a spectacle that stopped traffic, but excited visitors by allowing them to influence the physical space around them. The installation consists of large interactive bubbles that inflate and deflate in reaction to the changing occupancy of their surrounding space. The space starts out packed with bubbles and transforms to just a canopy as the space fills with visitors. In collaboration with Foxlin (Michael Fox and Juintow Lin) and Brand Name Label (Gabriel Renz). American Institute of Architects Honor Award.