We translate brand messages into three-dimensional spaces for exhibits, restaurants, hotels, offices, retail environments and displays We also have created a collection of customizable products that enable architects and designers to build branded environments.


Principals Miao Miao and Scott Franklin
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NONDESIGNS, LLC 299 N. Altadena Dr. #120 Pasadena, CA 91107


We translate brand messages into three-dimensional spaces for exhibits, restaurants, hotels, offices, retail environments and displays. We build environments and everything within them from furniture to lighting, floor to ceiling, inside and out.

Our services include: Exhibit Design Commercial Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, Experiential Marketing, Event Design, Design Installations, Product Design, Product Displays, Project Management, Custom Fabrication, Installation Services

Take a look behind the scenes of our projects in our book DAYS OF NON, STORY OF US click here to view the digital version


We create customizable products for architects and designers to build environments. NON products range in scale from small objects to lighting systems to furniture to modular architecture.


Miao Miao was born in Shenyang, China and attended California State University, Northridge where she earned her B.S. in Interior design. Prior to co-founding NONdesigns, she worked in retail design and residential interior design. In addition to her role as principal of the studio, she teaches environmental design, branding and lighting design at Art Center College of Design.

Scott Franklin graduated with Distinction from Art Center College of Design with a B.S. in Environmental Design. His background includes exhibition, furniture, product, branding and interactive design, as well as fabrication. Scott also teaches design studios and workshops at Art Center College of Design.


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the NON BOX, bridges furniture and architecture with a customizable system of frames, floors, ceilings and walls. NON BOX allows you to easily assemble commercial environments that can be expanded, reconfigured and moved over time. The climate of offices, retail and restaurants has changed and how we create spaces needs to as well. With NONBOX, you can own your branded interior, change it, rearrange it and take it with you to create a new space.” It assembles like furniture and all of the modular elements are independent, making the space a truly blank canvas for each brand to customize and play with over time. DOWNLOAD TEAR SHEET/COLOR GUIDE CALL OR EMAIL FOR PRICING


Exhibit Design, Fabrication, On-site Supervision This 50' X 20' Licensing Expo exhibit for Nickelodeon transformed elements from the brand into a three dimensional space filled with texture and tactile experiences. Visitors are greeted by a reception desk filled with ping-pong balls while meetings are held at tables in the shapes of a scrambled “n-i-c-k-e-l-o-d-e-o-n”. A sixteen-foot wide photo-op wall made of hundreds of projecting tubes creates the backdrop of the booth and a media display with TV and iPads show the upcoming Nick shows.


LEXUS CT UMBRA Design, Experiential Marketing, Fabrication, On-site Supervision As a visual representation of the campaign message, Lexus commissioned NONdesigns to create a sculptural representation of the CT 200h that will be displayed at events around the country. NON created a pixilated interpretation of the compact premium hybrid that treats viewers to the two personalities of the vehicle. When viewers walk around the installation, they experience a change in color from luxurious gold hues to organic tints of green and blue — representing the two seemingly contradictory perspectives of Lexus' fifth hybrid.

WB GAMES E3 2013

Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision 12,000 square foot exhibit space Dramatic 20' tall graphic towers hover over each of the brands while a canopy of white fabric tiles shifts in color, moving with the flow of the booth design. This exhibit incorporated three theaters, an amphitheater complete with bleachers rigged with bass shakers, and a plush business lounge leading to ten meeting spaces.


PURCHASE FROM THE NON ONLINE SHOP This series of jewelry takes electronic components such as capacitors, resistors and diodes into a new context. Filled with intricacy and detail, these typically unseen parts become adornments. Made with hypoallergenic hooks. ANALOG jewelry pieces are also available in a hardwood case. These jewelry boxes are milled from a solid piece of hardwood and have a snap-in acrylic cover. Made in two sizes and three different woods.


PURCHASE FROM THE NON ONLINE SHOP NON LINEAR is a collection of modular LED luminaires that connect to form endless possibilities of lighting environments. Each lighting module is CNC machined out of 1-inch thick acrylic, which then receives a discreetly inlaid band of Light Emitting Diodes. The system offers kelvin-temperature adjustable LED technology and full color RGB LEDs that can be controlled with a remote control or even your smartphone. Freely connect any combination of NON LINEAR lighting modules with cords that are available in more than 30 color options. UL Listed for commercial and residential applications. DOWNLOAD TEAR SHEET DOWNLOAD CORD COLOR OPTIONS


Public Art, Fabrication, Installation Hollywood's film industry transports people to other settings through the framed view of the screen. Apertures of Nature is about framing details. Precise views of foliage, branches, shadows and bark are captured in pockets of seamless white space. This piece focuses on the celebration of simple beauties that may often go unnoticed. Installed in Plummer Park, West Hollywood for a period of four months.